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We have the latest technology at Golf In Progress that can facilitate your practice and enjoyment in a multiple of ways

Improve your technique

Our bays will give you feedback that is unique to using our studio. This includes 14 data parameters including short distance, ball speed and smash factor.


Work out your club distances, practice and practice with differing elevations.

Course Options

We have a wide range of golf courses for you to enjoy, alone or with friends on some of the best courses in the world.

Putting Green

We have a 36 square metre putting green with perfect roll, some straight and some with brakes. Practice some short holing out putts, some ten foot clutch puts or longer putt distance control.

Play Golf Games

Our bays offer you the chance to just have fun and play some games with your friends.

Slide Play Play a wide range of courses from around the world. More info PLAY Range Practice Practice your technique with customisable targets. More info RANGE Fun Games Enjoy playing some of our games and sink some boats. More info games

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from just £12 per hour.